Warsaw Practical Law Academy 2019

Academy participants will, together with our expert team led by George Hampel QC himself, analyse a legal dispute and prepare to represent one of the litigating parties.  The Academy’s training scenarios are custom-designed and feature very realistic legal disputes, drafted by legal training experts. Participants can choose to work either on a civil law scenario or a criminal law scenario, depending upon their professional interests.

During the training, participants work together with our training team in an interactive, small-group setting that enables the most effective and practical teaching of legal skills. Particular focus is placed on planning a case strategy, written advocacy and oral advocacy.  This all occurs against the factual-legal backdrop of case studies involving aspects of the EU instruments discussed at the beginning of the Academy.

The Academy’s overall aim is to help legal professionals develop and improve their portfolio of core legal skills, and to improve their ability to utilise EU law for the benefit of their clients.

In the application form, please indicate whether you prefer to focus on a criminal or civil scenario. The core legal skills you develop will be identical, regardless of this choice, but your choice will influence the nature of EU instruments that feature in the case study.

To be finalised closer to June


The Academy is open to all trainee or practicing lawyers (not exceeding five years’ post qualification). Members of national judiciaries are also strongly encouraged to apply. Applications are welcome from across the European Union, as the training materials and substantive law issues are applicable in any EU Member State.


The fee for the training is EUR 180. Please complete the application form and we will send an invoice with payment instructions. Applications are only complete once full payment is received.


Click on the “Apply” link opposite to complete the application form. Please indicate whether you wish to focus on a criminal or civil case study during the Academy.

About This Course

Thursday 20 June – Sunday 23 June 2019

4 Days’ training in English

30 Participants

Venue: to be confirmed

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Practical Law

The Practical Law Academy is co-financed by the 2016 Justice Programme of the European Union. The project is implemented by the Institute of Advanced Legal Skills, the Budapest Bar Association, the Czech Bar Association, the Finnish Bar Association and the University of Warsaw.