Practical Skills Training

Core legal skills training is essential, especially at the beginning of every lawyer’s career, to give them a strong footing for practice

European Law in Practice

EU law is increasingly relevant to legal practice. We familiarise you with core EU law instruments that are relevant to your practice

International LearningMethods

Our teaching methodology combines the best practices from around the world. We use realistic case scenarios and legal materials

Effective Training Solutions for EU Lawyers!

Practical and Professional Legal Skills Trainings for All EU Lawyers

The Practical Law Academy is a practical legal skills training programme for lawyers, judges and court staff throughout the EU.  It is designed especially for those who are trainee legal professionals or who qualified no longer than 5 years ago. 

During a four-day weekend, our experienced team of professional trainers demonstrate how to improve core legal skills (inc. litigation strategies, oral and written advocacy) and how to correctly apply a range of cross-border EU law instruments that are relevant to your individual practice area, whether civil or criminal. 

Each training event takes place in a different city and is co-hosted by the leading lawyers’ associations. Places are limited (maximum 30 participants per training) due to the interactive, small group methodology which is adopted on each Academy.

Advanced EU Law Lecture Series

Each event includes a lecture on advanced areas of EU law in practice. Discussions are grouped into 3 themes that focus on relevant practice areas. The discussions will involve practitioners from multiple jurisdictions, to enable discussions about how the same EU law functions in various countries.

Civil Law Instruments

Focuses on a range of EU  law that can be applied to disputes concerning family and matrimonial matters, succession, cross-border debt recoveries and insolvencies in the EU

Criminal Law and Fundamental Rights Instruments

Focuses on numerous EU instruments which affect the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences, and a range of EU fundamental rights which can be used for the benefit of your clients.

Practical Law

The Practical Law Academy is co-financed by the 2016 Justice Programme of the European Union. The project is implemented by the Institute of Advanced Legal Skills, the Budapest Bar Association, the Czech Bar Association, the Finnish Bar Association and the University of Warsaw.