Practical Law Academy Questionnaire

As part of the conditions for EU co-financing of the Practical Law Academy Project No. JUST-AG-2016/JUST-AG-2016-04-763884, we are required to provide the European Commission with feedback from the Academy’s participants. Your feedback will also help us to make improvements to the Practical Law Academy. We would be extremely grateful if you would spend the time to answer them fully and honestly.

The aim of the Practical Law Academy was to support and promote the training of judges and young lawyers from EU Member States in Central and Eastern Europe, and in particular to:

(a) increase the awareness of the extent to which EU law impacts on national dispute resolution

(b) improve EU-law research skills

(c) assist in the identification of relevant EU legislation and case-law

(d) improve the practical application of the legal instruments discussed during the trainings

(e) improve the manner in which lawyers and judges formulate EU law-related questions to be referred for an Article 267 preliminary ruling by the CJEU

(f) improve advocacy skills during national dispute resolution procedures to ensure that all factual issues are fully explored prior to any request for an Art 267 preliminary ruling

(g) improve written and oral advocacy in cases before the CJEU

(h) improve core case-work skills (including legal research, case preparation, written advocacy skills, oral advocacy skills, interpersonal skills, linguistic skills and ADR)

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with each of the various trainers on the Practical Law Academy?

Many thanks for having participated in this questionnaire and in the Practical Law Academy itself. We hope that you found it both useful and enjoyable.

We would be very grateful if you would help us to promote the PLA amongst your work colleagues and friends!